Photon Acorn H16 Photon Acorn Led Xenon Lightning Effect White Zenon H16

Photon Acorn H16  Photon Acorn Led Xenon Lightning Effect White Zenon  H16

Photon Acorn --H16-- 5 Plus Features (LATEST SERIES)

Photon Acorn LED with its high luminosity and 6000K full white light color allows you to see the road, signs and markers in the best way while changing the characteristic image of your vehicle.

Photon Acorn LED is the best price-performance LED conversion kit.

In the planning process, it has been produced using an aluminum-magnesium mixed body so that the 'cooling performance' is at the optimum level. It has a compact design in terms of its structure, LED driver, LED chip and cooling components are produced integrated. The Photon Acorn series has been produced with a compact structure and affordable cost without compromising our quality standards. Simplicity in its design has accelerated the manufacturing process and facilitated cost control.

Photon LED is not a product that needs performance by increasing its Volt, Watt and Ampere values ​​to high values ​​like other LEDs in the market. The architecture of the LED driver has a system that creates the most perfect light by optimizing the current coming from the vehicle's electrical system at its operating values.

Many low-cost products in the market depend on the electrical system coming from the vehicle. The decrease and increase in the voltage and watt values ​​caused by the electrical current of the vehicle causes the light of the LED to be in a continuous variation. This causes differences in the amount of illumination received and a shortened life span. The lighting intensity of the LEDs in the market decreases in a very short time due to the reasons mentioned above and the life of the LED chips is shortened very much due to the wearing out components and internally deformed LED chips.

Guiding features; It has been optimized thanks to the "right focus", which is the most basic rule in its architecture, and the features of the LED chip used.

Ultimately, Photon Acorn Led has a better light-life balance than any other product on the market.

Bulb Type: H16

Brand and Series: Photon Acorn

Volt: 12 / 24V

Kelvin (Light color): 6000K

Lumens (Luminous Intensity): 6500L

Package Include: 1 Set (2 Pieces)

Warranty period: 1 year

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